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Welcome to my collection of toy steam engines and accessories.

I have been collecting for a couple of years now, all since I rediscovered my childhood Mamod SE2a. The collection started with mainly German engines from the Nuremberg era between 1890-1940 with the famous toy makers Bing, Carette, Doll, Falk, Krauss Mohr, Märklin, Plank and Schoenner. Very soon, it grew to incorporate also other interesting machines from UK, US and Sweden. The oldest engine in the collection being a Frisbie made in US ca 1871 by the J.&E. Stevens company.

The fascination for toy steam involves many parts; the collecting part trying to find interesting steam engines, the research part trying to learn more about the different engines and their makers and one of the more important parts is to get the engines into running order. Most of the engines in the collection have been run at least once since I got them, it's a pleasant feeling to run a 100 year old steam toy. It's also amazing to see theevariety of different designs both from different ages and different parts of the world, but also to see the quality from the simplest oscillating engine to the really advanced high-end engines.

To browse through the collection, use the navigation bar above. Click on the engine of interest and it will show more pictures and information about that engine. Many pages also include a video of the engine running.

If you have any questions, additional information or perhaps an interesting steam toy for sale, send me an email at .

Hope you will enjoy the site.

Peter Olausson


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