Carette et Cie was founded in Nuremberg in 1886 by the French citizen Georges Carette who had moved to Germany after getting married with his German wife. The company concentrated on mass-produced tin and brass toys and had it's most innovative period between 1905-1914. In 1911, the Carette factory had about 450 employees. Georges Carette was forced to leave Germany at the outbreak of World War I and his company ceased production in 1917. The products from Carette did not disappear entirely as German producer Karl Bub took over some of the former Carette toy-cars, while the English manufacturer Bassett-Lowke continued producing former Carette locomotives.

In 1907 the English magazin "The Model Engineer & Electrician" had an article about the toy industry in Nuremberg, including a visit to the factories of Carette. Click on the image to read the entire article.